Throughout the year, and with particular intensity in spring and summer, the city of Viterbo is animated by a series of cultural events and traditional festivals that further enrich the tourist offer of monuments, museums and places of interest that the capital of Tuscia offers the visitor. They range from cinema to music, from literature to historical re-enactments, from theater to innovation, to events that perpetuate and enhance the identity and history of Viterbo.

It starts from Medioera in March, the digital culture festival that offers talks, meetings and seminars on technology, new media, social networks, startups, new knowledge related to the digital age as well as global and local dynamics. In fact, the name, a fusion of “Middle Ages” and “new era”, refers to the combination of the historical tradition of Viterbo and the festival’s concept. Again, during the spring, during the May 1st long weekend, San Pellegrino in Fiore, now in its thirtieth year, is held. It is a floriculture event and much more, in which the characteristic views of the medieval old town are decorated with floral arrangements, creating an atmosphere of colors and unique scents.

One of the longest running events in the city, accompanied by performances by costumed historical groups and a series of cultural events. While talking about history, in June Ludika 1243 offers events and re-enactments in medieval costume, and is broadened by an emphasis on the world of fantasy literature. Performances, cosplay, role play, meetings with authors, medieval taverns, street theater and much more for an event that always ends with the commemoration of the pitched battle between the Guelphs and Ghibellines, in memory of the historic siege of Federico II in Viterbo in 1243.

Between June and July, Caffeine is a great cultural and literary festival with hundreds of events including book presentations, meetings with authors, journalists, TV personalities, politicians, intellectuals, theater and musical performances, children’s activities, food and wine, in the most picturesque locations in the historic center.

In July, the spectacular Piazza San Lorenzo hosts the Tuscia Film Fest, almost two weeks of screenings and meetings with Italian film stars. The best films of the last cinema season are offered during this occasion. The films are presented by the best known Italian actors, directors, screenwriters and producers. There is also a series of related opportunities linked to the Tuscia Terra di Cinema (Tuscia the Land of Cinema) project that promote Viterbo as a television and film set of the past, present and future. Between July and August, Piazza San Lorenzo hosts the Tuscia Operafestival, an event dedicated to classical and symphonic music, opera, dance and other cultural facets that leads to the performance of well-known masters and young Italian and international talent.

In the beginning of September, Viterbo is enlivened by patronal festivities, culminating in the spectacular transportation of the Santa Rosa Car on September 3, which a few years ago become part of the intangible humanitarian heritage recognized by Unesco. 30 meter high and 5 tonne light tower is carried on the backs of about 100 Santa Rosa Porters along a path of more than one kilometer along the city streets.

Traditional festivals

Finally, at Christmas time, the Caffeina Christmas Village, where the old town center is transformed into a true Christmas village with the crib, Santa Clause and the elves’ home, the chocolate and toys factory, a ice rink and many other themed attractions and events. These are the main events that take place in Viterbo during the year. The are flanked by numerous other events such as art exhibitions, lectures, book presentations, religious and popular festivals, guided tours etc.