If you are looking for a holiday that combines wellness and relaxation Viterbo is where you want to be. Thanks to the numerous hot springs scattered around the beautiful countryside just outside the city walls, Viterbo’s vast thermal park is one of the largest in Italy: from open air thermal baths to luxurious Spa, the offer is so varied it suites each taste and pocket.  Besides, being away from the usual, over-crowded places like Saturnia and Montecatini, it guarantees you a truly relaxing experience.

Most of Viterbo’s hot springs are hyperthermal, with the water temperature ranging from 40° to 56° C. The Bullicame hot springs, whose water reaches an exceptional 58° C, has been known for its therapeutic properties since ancient times. Dante Alighieri mentioned it in “The Divine Comedy” – the world famous poem completed by the Florentine poet back in 1320 – and Michelangelo Buonarroti, struck by the beauty of the place whilst on his way to Rome, made two ink drawings of Viterbo’s thermal baths (currently on display in the Vicar Museum in Lille, France).

Even the Popes over the years got to appreciate the therapeutic properties of Viterbo’s thermal waters, so much so that Pope Nicholas V in 1450 decided to have a residence built in the area in order to easily access the hot springs without having to travel from Rome every time he needed some relaxation (hence the name – currently in use – of Terme dei Papi: literally, The Popes’ Thermal Springs). It is thanks to the Etruscans and the Romans though that we know so much about the healthful properties of Viterbo’s thermal waters: the Romans in particular appreciated them so much that they built proper Spas here, magnificent structures whose remains can still be admired nowadays.

The benefits for the health one can gain from this thermal water are due to its chemical composition: it is rich with sulphur, calcium and magnesium which make it ideal for the cure of several chronic diseases besides perfect for the ultimate, natural beauty treatments.

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A varied offer of hot springs, the same top quality

Viterbo and its many thermal springs let you select the best offer that suites your needs and budget. The open air thermal baths, accessible all year round,  give you the opportunity to experience nature at its best and enjoy the warmth of the thermal waters in different seasons. In the proper Spas, such as the Terme dei Papi and the Hotel Salus Terme, you will be treated to a luxurious, exclusive service and cocooned in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

Terme dei Papi

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These two hotels offer top of the range experiences and treatments, all revolving around the precious thermal water and the natural mud filtered out the hot springs. At the Terme dei Papi a monumental swimming pool larger than 2.000 square metres and filled with thermal water awaits you: after a swim, you can relax yourself in the natural Grotto, a Turkish bath with little waterfalls of thermal water coming out at 58° C that heats and saturates the air with healthy vapours.

Hotel Salus Terme

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The Hotel Salus Terme offers its own interpretation of well-being via the Etruscan Thermal Circuit, a wise alternation of activity and pauses to prepare your body and mind to the next experience, according to your inner pace and your authentic needs. The Circuit includes – just to name a few – the Calidarium inside the Etruscan Grotto, the Kneipp vascular passage, a Finnish sauna and access to the relaxation rooms.

If your idea of a memorable Italian holiday perfectly combines the joy of good food with breath-taking sightseeing and indeed the ultimate relaxation, Viterbo is definitely your perfect destination.