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Hotel Salus Terme

Etruscan Thermal treatment, our concept of well-being

Thermal Centre Salus Spa, conveniently located close to the Hotel, combines tradition and innovation in self care. The star of the show is our hot spring , Saint Valentine. Its water flows out at a temperature between 36˚ and 40˚ and it noted for its physical and chemical features which make it extremely beneficial in the treatment and prevention of chronic respiratory, joint and skin diseases.

Equipped with an impressive spa park, indoor pool, relaxation rooms, gym and saunas,  the Centre will provide you with a complete experience combining different treatments which will regenerate your body and mind.




Strada Tuscanese, 26/28
Tel. +39 0761 1970 000

The Etruscan Thermal treatment

The Etruscan Thermal treatment best expresses our concept of well-being: skilfully alternating between periods of activity and rest in order to prepare the mind and body, continuing calmly through each stage of the treatment taking you from simply being to well-being.
Greenery is provided by the Turan Gardens, followed by the heavenly opalescent and steaming thermal streams that flow directly into Menerva and Nethuns, our two new outdoor pools where you can enjoy the peace of time suspended between water and sky. Turan, the protective deity of Vulci, was the Etruscan goddess of love.

Choosing the Etruscan Treatment means choosing to love yourself.