The Tuscia area is an exceptional destination for mountain bike lovers: its uncontaminated nature and articulated orography, together with the variety of its landscapes, make it perfect for those tourists who wish to cycle around this part of Italy. Mountain biking is by definition a sport that allows a full immersion in nature and considering how beautiful this is here, the experience will be a very exciting one.

A good starting point would be the Cimini mountains where trails are in the middle of ancient woods. Leaving from Viterbo, pedaling along Strada Respoglio, you can head to Il Calvario trail that runs around mount Palanzana, the most famous one in the area.

Once you have reached the pine forest, head towards Poggio Nibbio and the go downhill on the Vecchia Dogana trail until you get to the Strada di Mezzo: here, rather than joining the Strada Cimina, take the single track towards Lake Vico to enjoy a stunning view over mount Venere and the lake itself. At the end of the dirt road, continue along the track that runs in the beech wood until you reach La Bella Venere restaurant on the lake shore.

After a short stop here, you can head towards the lagoon and do a bit of bird watching: the entire area around Lake Vico is natural reserve therefore it is rich with many birds of different species. Leaving the lake, look for La Scorticata trail then follow the blue track towards mount Fogliano, enjoy the view of San Girolamo’s medieval monastery carved in the rocks and, still following the blue track, end you excursion at La Madonnina, an area near the lovely village of San Martino nel Cimino.


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Mountain Bike tours to discover the Tuscia

This detailed itinerary is just one of the many that you can experience on your bike when visiting Tuscia. All the trails in the area close to the Cimini mountains are rich with uphills and downhills and they will undoubtedly put your technical skills to the test. Should you wish to enjoy in a more relaxed way the beauty of the local countryside, opt for the trails that run along the Via Francigena, the route that pilgrims take to walk to Rome. The one that takes you to Sutri is suitable for family tours.

If you are a mountain bike lover, the Tuscia area won’t fail to amaze you: its tracks will allow you to explore natural reserves, lakes, mountains, abandoned towns and archaeological sites.  If you don’t fancy taking your own bike with you, you can easily rent one from one of the many mountain bike rentals in the area which also organize group tours.