There is no better way to fully understand and enjoy a territory than taking part in the events that characterize it and in this part of Italy Summer is surely the best season to do all this, thanks to its long days and lovely weather.

The Tuscia is an area in Northern Lazio where you can find lakes, mountains, beaches and a gorgeous countryside: this variety is reflected also in the numerous events that are organized during the warmest months of the year.

For those who choose Viterbo as their holiday destination, there are a few unmissable events: between the end of June and the beginning of July, the Caffeina Festival – that deals with books, international authors and culture in general – and Ombre Festival – organized by an association of policemen willing – in their own words – “to cast some light on cases that are still in the shadow”. July is also the month of Ludika 1243, one of the most famous medieval festivals in Italy: jesters, jugglers, street performers and artists coming from all over the country populate the streets and squares of Viterbo’s city center, recreating a magical atmosphere that both children and adults alike can truly enjoy.

Summer events in Tuscia

Then, if gourmet food is your thing, you should really head to the Slow Food Village where the best Italian street food is available, besides educational workshops, tasting and show cooking sessions.

Then again, our culinary traditions and the celebration of local dishes are common elements of many different festivals scattered around the whole Tuscia area: great food, music and lots of fun for everybody.

An event for each taste

Italy is the land of good wine and many are the ones that you can enjoy in Tuscia: following the circuit of the Feste del Vino della Tuscia (The Tuscia Wine Festivals) is indeed an amazing experience. Between the end of July and mid-August the pretty villages in the province of Viterbo become the stage of interesting events that celebrate our local wine, often in conjunction with traditional food, art and culture: Civitella d’Agliano, Gradoli, Tarquinia, Montefiascone, Castiglione in Teverina and Vignanello, just to name a few. So every day becomes a brand new opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stroll through medieval alleys, discovering a new panorama around each corner and then sit down to sample the excellent local products.

Lake lovers will appreciate the Sagra del Coregone that takes place in Capodimonte: currently in its 35th edition, this festival gives you the chance to taste the Coregone (a lake fish with a delicate flavor yet rich in nutrients) prepared following many different recipes, as the main ingredient of a pasta dish or as a main course.

Summer events in Tuscia

Meat fans will be spoilt for choice: unmissable are the Sagra del Cinghiale (The wild boar Festival) held in Graffignano and the Sagra della Carne Maremmana (The Maremmana Meat Festival) that takes place in Monte Romano. In both cases, top quality local meat gets barbecued or slow roasted to enhance its delicious flavor. Then the live music and a little visit to the dance floor – which is usually the central square – will help your digestion whilst you enjoy yourself.

Last but not least, a festival dedicated to pasta…and a special one, that is. The Sagra degli Gnocchi in San Lorenzo Nuovo celebrates the local potatoes by using them as the main ingredient for gnocchi, potato dumplings that are normally served as a pasta course. Sage and butter, Bolognese, vodka and pesto are the four sauces on offer every year between the second and the third week of August. Head there early though, as this festival is very popular among locals!