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Etruscan Life Tour

Tuscia Beyond Borders


The network of companies “Etruscan Life Tour-ELT” presents the project with which it won the tender on the internationalisation of the Lazio Region, entitled “Tuscia Oltre i Confini  – Tuscia Beyond Borders”.

The Network is comprised of 11 local companies who operate in the tourism sector and is supported by Agite srl, a Network manager which carries out the strategic and operational coordination of the network and of the Project, particularly in the development of an internationalisation plan working towards the target markets.

Qualify the offer of the major players in the hospitality sector


The project is 50% co-financed by the Lazio Region and by the five members of the Network of the initiative: Salus Terme, Terme dei Papi, Balletti Hotels, Archeoares and Promotuscia. The other companies in the network are involved in the provision of specific services related to the hospitality activity.

Qualifying the offer

“La Tuscia Viterbese Oltre i Confini – Tuscia Beyond Borders” aims to qualify the offer of the major players in the hospitality sector, the protagonists of the ELT Network of companies, for the strong launch of the Viterbo territorial system and the promotion of Viterbo and the Tuscia area in Europe.


The objective is the growth of tourist influxes coming from foreign markets, aiming at medium- to high-end targets in terms of spending capacity and socio-cultural preparation, with a particular focus on deseasonalisation.

The pilot areas identified as being suitable and more easily accessible for the type of “tourism user” are the following:

  • European countries of German origin – Austria, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland;
  • United Kingdom;
  • French-speaking countries – France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

For the first time in this territory, a number of private companies have decided to co-invest with the support of European structural funds provided by the Lazio Region and the operational involvement of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, in support of specific actions aimed towards qualifying the offer of tourist services according to the specificity of Tuscia.

The qualified offer revolves around the fundamental elements that strongly characterise the Viterbo territory of Tuscia and of the capital:

 the historical-monumental and intangible heritage of Tuscia, with particular attention to the city of Viterbo and its medieval period;

  1. the strong presence of natural thermal springs utilisable for healing purposes that permit addressing a public more interested in well-being as a set of services of the wellness area;
  2. a natural patrimony that allows for the creation of sports trails to accompany the discovery of the territory of Tuscia: hiking, golf and cycle-tourism.
  3. the traditions of a still-not-solidified territory that find their own expression in the food and restaurant industry.

The principal innovative components introduced by the project are:

 The Viterbo and Tuscia Brand: the innovation lies in achieving systemic action, targeted towards markets from which the territory draws from existing customers, in order to present a proposal with a recognisable image in the long term that can multiply the impact of actions carried out;

  1. Impact of foreign “testimonials”: to develop personal relationships through direct experience of the territory and knowledge of the cultural and business realities that animate it;
  2. Multilingual portal: a multilingual web portal (Italian, English, French and German) has been created, aimed at promoting the territory. A portal rich in content, with pictures, videos and texts that can provide information on Etruscan heritage and the on cultural, artistic and monumental potential.

 “Tuscia Beyond Borders” thus represents a step forward in respect of classic internationalisation plans tied to the participation in trade events abroad that capture a multitude of audiences with generalist approaches and which do not offer specificity on the possible effects for a region such as that of Tuscia.

 The most representative companies operating in this area are part of this network.